Any subscriber can have a specimen number sent free of cost to a friend whose er attention he desires to call to the Journal, by sending the address A BIT OF HISTORY RELATING TO THE STUDY OF STOMACH DIGESTION THROUGH GASTRIC FISTULA. Kinyoun on his observations of the counter preparation and use of diphtheria antitoxin in Germany. It was not, however, to any individual, but rather to the:ibsence of an independent sanitary department with the army, and to the want of one home department to direct and control, liavLng also power to order all stores, and to inspect their shipment, and to see that the several stores were so arranged in the transports that they should be available in the order of then- necessity, and not to have surgical appliances and medicines placed beneath a massive bulk can of ammunition. It is practically unaltered in appearance and flavor; the cream rises as usual; the acidity is not increased, and forms are destroyed but the spores are not "reviews" destroyed. In the American Journal of the Medical Sciences for the method of procedure and statistical results to are clearly given. Treatment outside of the relation of State lodine legislation as to sanatoria will not be before the Congress.

The pulse was stronger, condition of the heart (you). After using a syringe, clean it by letting plenty of warm at water run through it, wipe it dry on the outside and hang it up so that all water will drain out. A deputy sheriff who had mg been to school reported to his chief:"I went out and got that man you told me to arrest, but before I had time to secure him he escaped." In the past few weeks an article by a Western doctor used mitigate for militate.


Each half of the place head was photographed from the median and lateral aspects, and the two were placed in contact and photographed from above, behind and the front. The character or degree of itching may vary and includes all varieties snorting of eczema.

Kelling obtained a similar result a xl few days later by the volumetric method. Its existence entails both direct and reflex irritations, the sinister influence of which is graded from a simplicity and harmfulness entirely insignificant to a complexus of distresses that is seriously annoying and sell important. His own experience of his last three years in India had led him to the 500 conviction that the disease could be stamped out.

This contained buy no toxicogenic germs.

There are, nevertheless, some important contributions 200 upon this subject.

The information disseminated by the State and county health get departments should be supplemented by an educational program carried on by organized medicine in The public is expecting the medical profession to furnish the necessary information and leadership on this and other problems. In the camera the focusing is accomplished by altering the distance between the focusing lens and the sensitized plate to accommodate for variations in distance between the object and the cheapest camera; but in the eye such a process is manifestly impossible, and the same result is brought about by a variation in the curvature of the lens itself, thus altering its refracting power. The time at my command will not allow me to include in this consideration of renal dropsy that of lardaceous disease, which is far off from simple. Physical examination showed that 400 the inflammatory process spread more slowly through the lung-tissue. The individual must be made more important than high the circumstances around him.