Loft Apartments

Furniture Ideas for Bedroom & Living Space of Your Loft Apartments

The loft apartments are the small, single room apartments and are often considered to be quite boring, when it comes to their looks, by many. However, if only a loft is what you can afford then you should not be worried at all about how your apartment will appear as all it needs to make a loft appealing is your creativity and little thought. If you have rented one of the cheerful Charlotte North Carolina Apartments and are short of ideas on decorating the living area or bedroom of the apartment then you should not worry at all because here are some important tips that will be quite helpful for you in this regard.

Once you’ve everything set up in the surroundings, the most important area where you should give all your concentration is your living space. A large oversized couch would work well when placed right in the center of your loft, next to dining area. As there is so much of the floor space in a loft, contemporary furniture would be a great idea. To make monochromatic theme and color scheme, a cream, gray or off white sofa combined with red and black cushions will seem brilliant in the loft. Low central table, a couple of coffee tables along with high stools, having same furnishing like that of cushions, can be regarded as necessary part of your loft apartment furniture as well. Bar stools can also be a good idea to be placed against a corner of your loft. Your living space will blossom if you place a metallic tall lampshade with clean lines in modern design in this area. A wooden bookcase can be considered as necessary furniture in loft style. These bookshelves can be a good idea for separating rest of your loft from your sleeping area.

Next you should move to decorate your bedroom. It is, in fact, most significant area in your loft as you will be sleeping here after a long hectic day. As no bedroom is there, this area needs to be separated from living space effectively while ensuring that you get complete privacy here. Full-length bookshelf, as mentioned earlier, or some room divider would be a perfect thing to achieve this. Keep low and soft lighting in this space using wall sconces and mood lighting. A queen sized bed can be chosen for the bedroom. These are often designed in a manner that they’re raised above ground. A low bed can also be chosen and even they are available in different styles and designs. Styling of your bed will make your loft apartment seem cozier and you can find these in maple wood, birch or oak. Heavy curtains or sheer curtains can also be a part of your loft furnishings as well.